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How We Make it Work In And Out of the Bedroom...

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Book Written By Jeff & ShaVonne LaDonis

My name is Jeff

I was born and raised in New Providence, Nassau, Bahamas, and have seven siblings (three brothers and four sisters). Growing up, I did not get into trouble, unless you count the times I stayed out too late – this is why my mother kept a few switches above the ledge. My family is a very close nit family, and although we did not have much, I enjoyed my childhood and friends.
Our home in the Bahamas did not have electricity. So, we used oil lamps and cooked outside using wood. All of our food was fresh from the farm, including chickens and goats. In the Bahamas, the nights would get pitch black, and when outside, you were surrounded by darkness. The washroom was located outside and was a far walk from the house.

My Name is ShaVonne

I grew up in Savannah, GA, on the south side, in a mostly white neighborhood. My parents were both teachers; I have one younger sister, and we’re 4.5 years apart. We were a lovely middle-class black family, living in a very prejudice city in the South in the mid-70s and 80s. My joy came mostly when I went to church and school, which was a small private school, other than the short amount of time I spent in public school. It was there that I got to hang around my black friends, all of who were from the west side of town. We would hang out as much as we could, we were like family.

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